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July 17, 2009
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Jul 17, 2009, 7:08:39 PM
Chameleon by viridis-somnio Chameleon by viridis-somnio
COMMISSION #2: The Chameleon

I feel really stupid about this one! You know how a chameleon's eye pops out? Well why didn't I use my mole as the eye?! That would've been perfect! Agh, I should do this over sometime and use my mole. XD But only after I get all the other Animal-ipsticks done.

So here he is, the Chameleon! He was tricky, but I finally found a reference which only required green and yellow stripes, plus black spots. Pretty easy. :) I cheated with the tongue a bit and did it in photoshop cuz I forgot about it, lol. Hopefully it isn't too obvious.

Request by: :iconjinxeaz:


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~Halloween face paint
~Sony Cyber-shot
~"Chameleon" Copyright 2009 Paige Thompson. All rights reserved.
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This is like, super creative and I absolutely love it!! Great job on this, and all your other Animal-ipstic ones
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brilliant stuff, I hope to see more of this :)
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I should totally try to do this someday! My name is in the word chameleon :3 It's Camille. I Love your work!
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